Profile of Haier Global Business Organization

       From introduction to absorption, from production to shipment, Haier has been accomplishing Chinese people's goal of creating a world-renowned brand step by step over the past 30 years.

       Haier Electrical Appliances Corporation Limited established: Haier Global Business Corporation Limited,Haier International Business Corporation Limited, China Hainergy new energy corporation Limited. They are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Haier Electrical Appliances Corp. Ltd. Haier owns all over the world 66 trading companies, ten design R&D centers, 29 overseas manufacturing bases and 24 innovative industrial parks across the world with a global selling network comprised of 150,000 sales outlets spanning more than 100 countries. With more than 80,000 employees worldwide.

       China's Most Valuable Brands List for 2016 was released. Haier is valued at almost $24 billion, topped all Chinese brands for the 15th consecutive year. In the increasingly competitive internet era, our group achieves the continuous improvement of brand value through business model innovation, creating customer value and meeting users' needs.

       Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Qingdao, China, Haier Global Business Organization is affiliated to Haier Electrical Appliances Corporation Limited (Haier Group). Haier Global Business Organization aims at establishing a third-party channel platform, to provide systematic value-added services concerning resource production, circulation and utilization for entire-process stakeholders and mainly for B2B clients.

       Supported by the global marketing, R&D, network and logistics resources provided by Haier Electrical Appliances Corporation Limited, the Haier Global Business Organization makes breakthroughs in interaction, transaction and delivery and develops value interaction platforms targeting at best user experience. The Organization is currently operating 2 business segments, namely, Small Appliance Platform, Overseas Government Project Platform.

       The Small Appliance Platform is a third-party service platform focusing on 5 sub-interaction platforms concerning logistics, quality control, R&D, finance and client relations, renders value-added services for entire-process stakeholders of small appliances import and export industry, facilitating import and export of small appliances. To date, the Small Appliance Platform has developed more than 300 clients in more than 40 countries across Asia, Europe, America, Middle East and Africa.

       The Overseas Government Project Platform is a third-party service platform focusing on information and solution interaction and renders value-added service for entire-process stakeholders. To date, the Platform can provide 35 service solutions in 3 categories concerning informatization, engineering support and new energy and has developed more than 1000 clients. Moreover, it has successfully completed Nigeria Election Program (USD 70 million), Argentina Informatization Education Program (USD 20 million), etc.