Core Strength


  • The professional team provides solutions when quality system related problems are found;Combine second party audit, 3C factory inspection, and ISO9001 or ISO14001 to provide an all-round service which saves time and cost.
  • Integrate the experts on household appliance industry system and products from China Electrical Appliance Research Institution;Integrate the experts on certification industry systems from international certification organizations such as SGS, BV, and TUV.
  • Make a statement of fairness and honesty and personal commitment before audit; Supervise during audit; Make telephone follow-ups and secret surveys after audit.


  • by fully integrating Haier’s management experience, accredited YONGANSHUN experts will publicize and implement Haier’s experience among customers, through which our customers can get certificates as well as the experience of Haier’s quality assurance system.
  • accredited YONGANSHUN experts will make consultation and diagnosis beforehand. By using Haier’s quality assurance system and by reference to the international standards, ensure one-shot in certification.
  • according to requirements of different customers, YONGANSHUN provides different certification companies for certification, so as to meet different requirements on certification service, such as the requirements of cost, certification progress and certification organization.

Product Certification

  • Certification of many countries, many cooperative agencies, and wide range of choice Preferential expenses and schedule Resource superiority integration Key customer relationship
  • Saving time for consultation and comparison Saving of human resource cost for customer by one-stop service Rapid response speed and flexible operation

Full-process QC

  • Rich resources: rich test and inspection resources, covering various quality control requestsFast response: short flow communication time and fast result outputCustomization:quality control plan customized according to actual customer requests Incorrupt management: incorrupt mechanism for the purpose of impersonality and fairness
  • Advanced warning for loss prevention Success at first time and easy to be traced Cost-effective and money-saving

Value-added services

  • Optimal resources, senior consultants and high-quality expert team Experienced in successful cases in the industry Integrative solution to full-process management system (eight major systems included) Specialized practical service modules Precise diagnosis of enterprise pain points Best experience of implementation upon delivery
  • Advantages of Experimental/Testing Equipment Authority — we have experience of over 50 years in laboratory operation and management and an expert team of test and assessment in multiple fields; Convenience — a number of localized service outlets have been set up in Beijing, Qingdao, Cixi, Foshan, Zhuhai, etc.; Considerate services — we provide whole-chain services to solve all problems in laboratory planning, layout of equipment, implementation of management system and CBTL as well as “turn-key” laboratory technical services; High-efficiency — we provide you timely with laboratory construction service and complete the laboratory construction of a specialized laboratory as soon as possible.