Quality Service

System Audit

Second party audit
ISO9001 certification and consultation
ISO14001 certification and consultation
OHSAS18000 certification and consultation
QC080000 certification and consultation
certification and consultation of other systems
  • Core Strength
    Core Strength of Second Party Audit
    Core Strength of System Consultation
    Strongly adaptive
  • Fine Case
    On September 10, 2012, YONGANSHUN was asked by XX (customer name) to perform a second party audit to its domestic factory. YONGANSHUN performed a quality assurance system in accordance with Haier’s second party audit standard.

Product Certification

Domestic certification

CCC compulsory certification, CQC voluntary certification, energy conservation certification, China energy label

International certification

International CB certification, EU CE marking, EU RoHS homogenization, German VDE, GS certification, Japanese PSE certification, South Korean KC certification, ANZ certification, North American UL, FCC, CSA, ETL, CETL certifications, Middle Eastern SASO certification, CU certification of Russia and other countries, Brazilian INMETRO certification, Argentine IRAM certification, Mexican NOM certification, Chilean certification, Southeast Asian SNI, SIRIM certifications
  • Core Strength
    Certification of many countries, many cooperative agencies, and wide range of choice
    Preferential expenses and schedule
    Resource superiority integration
    Key customer relationship
    Saving time for consultation and comparison
    Saving of human resource cost for customer by one-stop service
    Rapid response speed and flexible operation
  • Fine Case
    A tablet PC venture demands for CTA certification for its PAD002. In March, 2012, the Overseas Department of Computer Division placed the order for certification: for the exportation of PAD into Saudi Arabia, SASO certification was required.

Full-process Quality Control

Product category

Small appliances, such as vacuum cleaner, electric iron, electric kettle, electric cooker, induction cooker, electric pressure cooker, water dispenser, microwave oven, electric oven, blender, toaster, etc.
Full-process quality control – new product assessment
Full-process quality control – production control
Full-process quality control – final inspection/loading supervision
Full-process quality control – quality improvement
  • Core Strength
    Rich resources
    Advanced warning for loss prevention
    Fast response
    Success at first time and easy to be traced
    Cost-effective and money-saving
    Incorrupt management
  • Fine Case
    - When assessing YH product, we found that the main product structure design was so unreasonable that it was apt to stop in case of user misoperation. Therefore, we came up with suggestions for modification and finished modification at pilot run stage. Consequently, batch market complaints were avoided. So far, no batch complaints about this product have been received for 27 months accumulatively.

Value added service

Management Consultancy
Experimental/Testing Equipment
  • Core Strength
    Considerate services
    Professional team
  • Fine Case
    From July to September of 2011, A (company name) entrusted us to optimize its quality control system and establish a full-process quality management system....