Core Strength

Open ecosystem

Haier Small Appliances Platform integrates the resources of stakeholders relevant to global small appliances, including brand owners, manufacturers, design companies, certification companies, logistics companies, finance companies, engineering companies and so on.Through the operation on the platform, Haier Small Appliances Platform creates open opportunities of collaboration for related resources, to realize optimal configuration of resources and maximize the interests of all parties.

Global product resources

Haier Small Appliances Platform integrates global product resources of small appliances, provides productsinteraction platform, establishes the product resource pool and integrates suppliers,in order to achieve more, fast, good, saving service to customers.

Global design resources

Haier Small Appliances Platform integrates global superior resources of design company together with design organization of Haier Group, and provides design resources appropriate to design demand of customer,in order to meet customers’ design need efficiently and accurately.

Global logistics resources

Haier Small Appliances Platform has the ability to provide the whole-process logistics services; we have established close cooperation relationship with many world famous shipping companies and Airborne Inc. The air transportation and shipping routes can cover more than 200 ports and cities throughout the world. The perfect international transport network gives us the confidence to provide high-quality service that has permanence competitive ability for our customers, to help customers achieve greater success in business activities

Global financial resources

In China, Haier is one of minority enterprises which have their own financial company in the home appliances industry; at the same time, Haier has long-term and stable strategic cooperation with many domestic and international banks, credit insurance companies and insurance companies , so we can provide financial solution for comprehensive purchasing to customers on Haier Small Appliances Platform.