SDA Solution

Small Appliances Platform wasfounded in 2011, affiliated with International Trading Company 1169 of Haier Groupand based in Qing Dao, China, which is engaged in creating an access platform for the 3rd partyand,offering value-added services for the stakeholders that the whole process of small appliances involves, mainly facing B2B customer.In 2013, its operation revenue reached 2.5 Billion RMB, with year-on-year growth of 32%.

Selected products

Integrating the experienced professionals in the development and manufacturing industry of small appliances,Small Appliances Platform provides solutions for the technical problems occurred during the development process of product; meanwhile,it provides whole-process product development project management so that the client can feel convenient.

  • Core Strength

       • Rich Resources                    • Alert before Loss

       • Quick Response                   • No rework

       • Ideal Solution                       • Expect more, pay less

       • Low Cost    

  • Fine Case