Offering Mutual Support,Haitech Acts

“The virus has no borders, and the epidemic does not distinguish between races. Human beings are a community of shared destiny. Only by uniting, cooperating, and responding together can the international community overcome the epidemic.”                                            

——Xi Jinping

On March 11, WHO declared the epidemic as “global pandemic." By April 19, there were more than 2.3 million diagnosed cases worldwide. At present, the epidemic situation has shown a trend of multi-point outbreaks in many countries around the world, and it has spread to Latin America, Africa, Asia and other economically underdeveloped countries and regions. As a responsible enterprise, Haitech has taken practical actions to help countries in the epidemic areas overcome difficulties.
On April 4, Haier donated food and medical supplies to 25,000 families in Pakistan in a spirit of solidarity and common anti-epidemic, and received sincere thanks from the local people.


Families in Pakistan receive food and medical supplies package from Haier Pakistan

On April 7, Haier Refrigerator Factory donated masks to local hospitals and Chinese students to fight against the epidemic together with local people.

Following Haier ’s joint anti-epidemic actions around the world, Haitech visited more than 20 embassies in China from Cuba, Uruguay, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Burkina Faso and Côte d’ Ivoire in April, and expressed concern and support for their epidemic prevention work. In addition, Haitech also carried out donations for epidemic prevention materials, with a total amount of more than 1.2 million RMB.

Haitech donate to Benin Embassy in China

Haitech donate to Embassy of Cuba in the people’s republic of China

Haitech negotiate with the Mexican Embassy in China and donate anti-epidemic materials

Uruguay Ambassador to China and Uruguay Counselor received donations from Haitech

The above embassies expressed their appreciation for the sincere care given by Haitech in the face of the increasing global epidemic situation, and expressed “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, hoping that the two sides can strengthen communications in more aspects and establish long-term cooperative partnership.

Mohamed Badri, the Egyptian Ambassador to China, expressed their appreciation to Haitech and said “We will be able to work together to overcome the epidemic, and I am full of confidence in this."

Glen Peñalanda, Business Counsellor of the Philippines in China: "Thanks to  Haitech for providing valuable materials! The Philippine government is implementing the" Great Construction and Special Construction "plan and hopes that Haitech will actively participate."

Abina Nechidang, Chargé d’ affaires of Togo in China: "Thank you Haitech for providing timely help! I hope Togo can introduce more Chinese investment, and look forward to our cooperative relationship can promote Togo ’s economic development.

General Didier Dakau, Mali ’s ambassador to China: “Malaysia and China have a profound traditional friendship, always support each other, share difficulties, and hope to cooperate in the social, economic, and cultural fields and work hard to combat poverty and youth.”

On March 25, Haitech shipped the first batch of anti-epidemic materials to the Czech Republic. On April 13, the first 3.2 million masks were sent to Russia. At the same time, Haitech has communicated with Italy, France, the United States, Egypt, Brazil, Senegal, Madagascar, Benin and other countries on the procurement needs of medical supplies, and has initially reached a purchase intention of 450 million. This is the best example of Haitech's global anti-epidemic actions.

Haitech are ready to offer mutual help and to undertake its responsibilities. Haitech, not only provided support within its capacity to fight against the epidemic in Hubei, but also generously contributed to the global epidemic prevention, which fully demonstrated Haitech's social responsibility as an international enterprise.