Haitech successfully into E-education market in Sri Lanka

       Sri lankan President, Maithripala Sirisena, visited Colombo primary school recently. The President and other national leaders were invited to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony and then visited the newly opened electronic classroom in the school. Haitech provides the school with a full set of laptops, which are praised by teachers and students.



        The following is the background of the project: in August 2018, the Sri Lankan government released procurement information. With rich experience in E-education projects and competitive program design ability, Haitech became the partner of the largest education integrator in Sri Lanka, and signed strategic cooperation agreement on procurement of 100,000 laptops. The first batch of products was prepared and shipped to Sri Lanka in January 2019, and put into use in March. The products were well received and the complaint rate of users was almost zero.



In accordance with the needs of different users, Haitech Laptops solution is customized to realized "product standardization and program customization". Currently, The whole laptop is designed with rotation 180°, touch screen design, which make the laptop simultaneously as a tablet computer. In addition, in order to better fit students' needs, the product also has the characteristics of 70cm anti-fall and waterproof computer keyboard.

At future, Haitech will continuedly promote all kinds of solutions to Sri Lanka market according to local policy,  playing the customized competitive advantage of Haitech integration solutions,  leaving a bright mark of ICT solution on the pearl in the Indian Ocean.