Haier-Hainergy Team Visits Egypt, Reaching Cooperation Intention with Egyptian Ministry of Military Production

On the morning of March 3, local time in Egypt, a delegation from Hainergy visited Egypt. Under the instruction of the Egyptian President, Dr. Mohamed Said El-Asar, Egyptian Minister of Military Production, received the delegation from Hainergy to discuss opportunities for cooperation in the localization of ICT products, and technological upgrading of factory production lines projects in factories subordinate to the Ministry of Military Production.



The Egyptian Ministry of Military Production (MOMP) is responsible for managing the development and operation of military factories in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Currently, it has over 20 factories. In addition to producing military products, each factory is also developing domestic production of civilian products. It is an important executive department to implement the Made in Egypt strategy.




During the meeting, Minister Asar first expressed concern about the epidemic situation in China, saying that the Egyptian people and the Chinese people are standing firmly together to fight this war without smoke. At the same time, Minister Asar stressed that there is a strong cooperative relationship between the two countries. He sought to promote Egypt's industrialization level through joint research and development and technical support, especially in the field of ICT products production, and to use China's excellent production experience to drive Egypt's local production level. Hainergy said that relying on Haier's trinity layout of overseas R&D, production and marketing, as well as overseas government project experience in many years, Hainergy is fully capable of assisting the MOMP in providing upgrading suggestions and upgrading solutions in the production. Through the provision of high-quality product components and advanced production technology, Egypt will be helped to improve its local production capacity and industrialization level and enhance its product competitiveness.




After the meeting, Hainergy delegation visited factories of MOMP, did the site survey of the local production level and existing problems, and communicated with the factory director about the preliminary upgrade plan and product model upgrade plan. At the same time, the two sides set up a joint working group to  promote the implementation of related projects. The local authoritative media "Homeland" and related websites also reported on the meeting between Hainergy and the MOMP in a prominent position.