Benin's first E-Classroom completes locally, the Haitech solution shines in west Africa

On April 10, 2019, after several days of hard work, the first set of solar E-Classroom model of Haitech-Benin E-Classroom project was successfully completed in Benin. A bright landscape of "intelligent information education" has been shining in this pearl of west Africa ever since.



      The Benin solar E-Classroom project is a key planning project of the national government of Benin. It aims to promote information-based education in primary and secondary schools and improve the overall level of education in the country. The first phase of the project benefits 24 primary and secondary schools in 12 provinces.

      In July 2018, Benin's national communications ministry released an international tender for the Benin solar E-Classroom project, with international companies from China, Benin, Portugal, Turkey and other countries bidding. In the end, Haitech won the fierce competition and won the exclusive bidding for 24 sets of Benin solar E-Classroom EPC project by virtue of its high-quality corporate qualification, rich project experience, competitive comprehensive solutions and good customer relationship.

      Benin solar E-Classroom is the perfect combination of Haitech informatization industry and Hainenrgy new energy industry, as a typical representative of one-stop solution from design, production, logistics, installation, training to after-sales service, the solution covers a number of customized services including infrastructure construction of classrooms, tables and chairs, installation and training of information equipment, anti-theft systems and photovoltaic equipment. It has been highly evaluated by the Benin government.



       During the execution of the project, Haitech strictly abided by the subcontractor screening principle, implemented the standard technical standards, constantly controlled the construction quality and progress of the project, and ensured the timely delivery of the first batch of classrooms.

At the same time, the local output of technical standardization is realized by sending professional technicians to guide and supervise in the local area. In the construction phase of the project, it has made outstanding contributions to stimulate local employment.



With sufficient internal and external resources and excellent international team, Haitech has completed the construction of the first set of solar E-Classroom model in a short time. The quality of the model has been highly recognized by the customers, and won the unanimous praise from the local government, the public, the school teachers and students.

     In the future, while completing the follow-up construction of e-classroom in Benin, Haitech will further take advantage of the differentiated competitive advantage of customized projects and continue to promote the project in other countries in Africa. In the context of acquiring the needs of projects in countries such as Cote D 'ivoire and Burkina Faso, Haitech will realize the rapid replication of cross-regional and cross-country models.