Design & Technology

Product design process

Haier small appliances design platform is different from the industrial design of traditional products, which focuseson the design field of small appliances,subverts the business mode that provides simple appearance design only, and provides the proposal from the macro market information analysis to specific product design, so it’s more suitable for customer’s regional market and brand positioning. The one-stop design process is as follows:

Integrationof design resources

 Haier small appliances design platform integrates the global superior design resources, matches customers’ need with design resources tothe maximum degreeso as to make the product design specialized, efficient and market and commercialized.


Main design resources

The product technical service

Integrating the experienced professionals in the development and manufacturing industry of small appliances,Small Appliances Platform provides solutions for the technical problems occurred during the development process of product; meanwhile, it provides whole-process product development project management so that the client can feel convenient