Production Enterprises

Product planning and Practice

Haier Small Appliances Platform has a professional small appliance service team, and partial staff engaged in small appliances industry for more than 20 years, who is familiar with international regional market situation and domestic manufacturing system, and can provide the whole process service scheme from product planning to the development and management of new productsproject.

Customer development and guidance

Relying onthe successful experiences in the development of overseas small appliances market and the accumulation of customer resources for many years, Haier Small Appliances Platform can provide whole-process service for the development of new customer for manufacturing enterprises, including product planning, customer reservation and negotiation, and acquisition of productproject.

Design and implementation of system

Through the cooperation with the domestic well-known system certification mechanism, Haier Small Appliances Platform can provide the full range of factory audit services and improvement suggestions to which is a good helper of production enterprises.

Integration of raw material purchasing

Haier Small Appliances Platform integrates the scale advantage of raw material purchasing demand of the industry, and provides high-quality and low-cost raw material for small appliances production enterprises so as to help partners to reduce the purchasing cost of raw material andrealize profit growth.

New products and technology

Haier Small Appliances Platform integrating advanced technology resources of small appliances manufacturing industry, provides the innovative productplanning schemes, and provides advanced products and technology solutions for manufacturing enterprises that expects to develop innovative products.